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Know Your County: Kitsap

Become an informed citizen! Learn about the structure and function of government in Kitsap County using a report developed by the LWV of Kitsap, with help from county officials and their staff.

About This Report

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization.  We encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government.  To that end, the Know Your County: Kitsap report is offered as an overview, compiled by members of the LWV-Kitsap, of the workings of our county government.  While all of the information in our phase one report is available online, we believe that this report brings the information together in one place to help illustrate how the county operates.

Each of the Kitsap County elected and department officials represented in this report graciously either reviewed the material personally or gave us a contact person to review and approve the various articles.  Karen Goon, the County Administrator, gave generously of her time and answered our many questions.

The report is presented as a PDF.  The document has internal links that take the user between different sections of the report and the table of contents.  The county government flow chart has internal links that take the user to the specific page discussing a particular office/department.  The document also contains external links to an office/department website and allows the user to contact the office via an email address.  

If you have questions about the PDF, please contact  Include “Know Your County” in the subject line.


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