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Redistricting Reform

Mission of the Redistricting Reform Local Action Team – Kitsap
To educate residents about Redistricting at the State, County and local level – what it means, why it matters and how it works. We advocate for defined processes at all levels that promote timely, fair, and effective representation. The Redistricting Reform Local Action Team-Kitsap will move forward under our Protect Our Democracy (POD) Committee. We support equitable access and maximizing opportunities for participation in our democracy.

Once every 10 years, we redraw our voting-district maps, based on census data. Voting power depends on having fair maps that give each voter a good chance at electing someone who will advocate for issues they care about. Where you draw the lines matters.

Current Work: 2031 Redistricting Reform Campaign

The Washington State redistricting process needs to be reformed. Our League signed on to support a League of Women Voters of Washington (LWVWA) statewide campaign to reimagine and reform the Washington State redistricting process. The campaign will reform the structure and procedures of the Washington State Redistricting Commission through a state constitutional amendment and statutory changes before the 2031 redistricting cycle. LWVWA Redistricting Issue Chair Alison McCaffree is leading the Redistricting Reform Task Force.

Why Washington Needs Major Redistricting Reform The 2021 Washington State Redistricting Commission failed to create maps that represented the people. A good outreach process was muted. Partisan interests prevailed behind closed doors, resulting in Commissioners rushing to approve maps they had barely seen. Incumbent protection and partisan tradeoffs dominated district line decisions. The State Supreme court let the negotiated maps stand. Since there was little time to perfect maps, even noncontroversial modifications were not done.

The people of Washington State deserve better. We deserve district lines that best represent the people of the state and give us the best chance to elect the representative of our choosing.

We propose these areas for redistricting reform:

  1. Structure: People Focused Commission
  2. Support: Permanent staff, earlier support
  3. Accountability: Define criteria and rank them
  4. Transparency: Timely negotiations in public
  5. Input: Clear outreach and input processes
  6. Access: Translation & Interpretation for all


Redistricting FAQ from the LWV of Washington and Redistricting Reform Campaign Task Force (pdf)

2031 Redistricting Reform White Paper from the LWV of Washington and Redistricting Reform Campaign Task Force (pdf)

Updates on the Washington Redistricting Reform Campaign and Soto Palmer v. Hobbs case in LD15, Yakima: 

Contact Carolyn Burger to be included on an email list for the Redistricting Reform Local Action Team-Kitsap: 

Contact Alison McCaffree to be included on an email list for the Washington State Redistricting Reform Task Force: 

A conversation with Karen Crowley, LWV Snohomish President and Alison McCaffree, LWVWA Redistricting Chair, about the need for comprehensive redistricting reform. Podcast (30 minutes). Good background on redistricting. Note this is from 2022.


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